Martin Milevski – Game Exchange, Estonia

A month passed since I participated in “Game Exchange” – my first contact-making event through Erasmus+. It was held in Estonia, in a beautiful holiday centre, isolated from everyone, forcing me and the others on the project to create, engage and live with each other in unusual wooden houses that I wasn’t used to at all! The aim of “Game Exchange” was to give representatives of NGOs the opportunity to connect with others and create new partnerships throughout Europe in a more gamified way, which was something new and different for an 18-year-old like me! I had the chance to learn a lot of new board games which were way more engaging than the usual board games we know from childhood. Not just that, I also improved on my teamwork skills, English and subconsciously on my own self as a person! Another thing that played a big role in my experience with this project was the exposure to 10+ nationalities, with such diverse backgrounds behind them. Experiencing this at such an age is not that common, especially coming from a hometown like mine. 8 pictures are not enough to explain my whole experience, from “Game Exchange”, to getting lost in Tallinn by me and enjoying the sunsets at the port! Thank you, Youth on Board for giving me another opportunity to engage in #ErasmusPlus even more! Thanks, Shokkin Group International for being such an amazing host. Thanks, Olalla González for creating everything around you an art masterpiece. You have been, and will continue to be an inspiration for my own artistic view on life and my surroundings! Thanks also to Pavel Vassiljev and Anja Arharova for carrying this project with Olalla González like true champs! 🥰 Thanks to the whole team that was with me on this special project!

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