Martin Milevski – YE in Greece

This being my fourth “Erasmus+” project, all I can say is that I’ve never felt freer with being surrounded by a diverse group of people. “Digital Transformation” hit home because I’ve grown up with everything being digitalized slowly around me, and I’m all for it!
“Digital Transformation” had the aim to make us improve our knowledge of digital tools, making campaigns, our team-working skills and sharing ideas.
Throughout the whole project, we had activities where we had to do a lot of research and work as a team altogether, which is nice for improving on yourself in a lot of aspects!
Making new connections is also one thing that plays a big role in my experience in an “Erasmus+” project, and this wasn’t any different. I was with people from our neighbouring country, Bulgaria, to the United Kingdom, to Norway – what else can I say except that I learnt a lot of new stuff surrounding every single participating country and about their people!
Being placed in Nea Kallikrateia, Greece was also amazing! I was so close to home, yet felt so far away due to being surrounded by such a diverse group of participants. Cannot forget the moments when we referred to the song “Starships” every time we mentioned going to the beach!
There are many more things to be said in one testimonial, but no one can capture one project in a short text. The best way to feel the “Erasmus” movement is to get involved in it, which is one of the best decisions I’ve ever done, and I cannot wait to get more involved in it!

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