Martin Milevski – YE in Poland

Every “Erasmus” is a new learning experience. So was my third “Erasmus+”, which was based in Poland in January of 2022, and actually a great start of the year!
The great thing about these projects, apart from the people coming from all over Europe, and sometimes, even more, is the project topics. From topics focused on sports, to topics focused on digitalization, human rights, agriculture or even ecology and recycling, which this project was actually all about!
“Creative Recycling” was a project focused on recycling, making us see the situation we are all in, the sustainability that we could implement in order to have a better environment, in a more creative way. Workshops in which you are put in a situation to think and do things that you would not do on a daily basis.
From one day using your creativity to turn old clothes into new ones, to watching a movie on the same topic and analyzing it afterwards, there was a balance – to be creative and to be a somewhat philosopher.
The people you are surrounded with for a week or two are usually so open-minded and want to get to know who you are as a person. They represent a “support system” in which you have the opportunity to be your own, unique self, carefree from what others may say, which we are all used to nowadays.
Per usual, the Macedonian teacher I am on every single “Erasmus” project, I did teach everyone a couple of words and phrases that we kept hearing every single day pop out randomly from whoever remembered it, and I still see a lot of people from the project using them whenever we text on WhatsApp!
Another “Erasmus” has passed and I cannot wait for my next one! Every single project is another wonderful opportunity that I think should not be missed for our development as humans. Every next one would contribute a lot to a better society, to our future. I think I can officially proclaim myself as an ‘Erasmus addict’ from this point on!


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