Martin Ristov – Protect Yourself

The project was quite educational, through this project I learned some new information about sexually transmitted diseases and sex education. I also made many new friends from different countries.

Through it, I also managed to improve my English, but besides that, I also managed to learn several foreign languages. Through the creative workshops we had, we got to know other project participants, and in addition, I learned new things that I didn’t know about some cultures.

On the project, I was also able to showcase the skills I possess through creative workshops, some of which are acting and programming. Through acting, we were able to present some of the problems of today and some possible solutions. On the project, we interacted with other project participants through interactive and educational games. We had a workshop on sexually transmitted diseases and how to protect ourselves from them.

We also discussed health problems and also demonstrated our acting skills. Through acting, we tried to show the problems that victims of sexual harassment are facing, but also how to protect yourself if you are a victim. Some of the project participants demonstrated their video editing skills during the workshops. Great experience, I hope we will continue our cooperation in the future.

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