Martina Janeva – From Zero to Hero

Because today we live a dynamic lifestyle, we are aware that addictions are also increasing rapidly. In the new century, young people face dangers such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and they are one of the biggest vices that millennials are subjected

These kinds of addictions were exactly the theme of the youth exchange I attended the youth exchange from November 15 to 24, 2019 in Lisbon.

Through daily presentations, debates and discussions, activities led by professionals we were able to face and get closer to the problem of drug addiction which is spreading also in other countries that were participating in this training course (Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Czech Republic). We heard how they handle this problem, but also we had the opportunity to visit rehabilitation centers that treat addictions and saw the way how this is functioning.

Staying in Portugal has given us a wonderful opportunity to look at a different culture and way of life, a great opportunity
to know yourself better, make new friendships, face new experience and learn new skills.

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