Meet our trainer Deni Dimitriev!

Dejan is enrolled at the FEIT faculty (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies) at the St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Dejan was born and raised in Shtip where prior to going off to college was part of the city’s Youth Council for 4 years and held an elected position for 3 years as a council member in the city’s Youth Council. While being part of the Council Dejan advocated for greater youth involvement, with the accent being on youngsters enrolled in high school as that was his focus group.

As a youth worker he has been part of a dozen international and several dozen local youth related projects, besides that he has been part of the YMCA Bitola’s YMLP summer camp, where he was a personal development facilitator for the last two years. Now Dejan is involved with the Student Parliament within his Faculty where he continues to advocate for a better student representation and student involvement.

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