Meet our trainer Marija Vasilevska

Marija Vasilevska is a Project Manager for Business Development in a regional network of non-governmental organisations.

She has over 15 years of working experience in project management, international development, education and democratization. Her working experience consists of international, regional and national actions focused on the improvement of society and especially the quality of higher education. She has held different working positions in projects funded by European Union, USAID, U.S. Embassy, UN Women, UNDP, Regional Cooperation Council and others. Her specialization is monitoring and evaluation of projects, programmes, faculties, Universities and policies.

Marija is passionate about digitalization, improvement of the formal education system and supporting young people to find their dream job as she found her. She is an experienced trainer, facilitator and moderator.

Finally, she is a Ph.D. candidate for Business and Administration at the University of American College Skopje working on researching the connection between the quality of formal higher education in the business sector in Europe and the USA.

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