Meet our trainer Martina Nikolovska!

Martina Nikolovska is a current International relations advisor, responsible for preparing and implementing exchange programmes for staff and students within the countries of EU. Her educational background – the Bachelor degree in Communication Sciences and the master’s degree in Cultural studies are ideally implemented in her fields of operation that combine both communication mastery and intercultural relations. In the past 9 years, Ms. Nikolovska Krstevska has taken part in numerous projects in the respective areas of her professional life. Her activities, so far, include event planning, event management, PR advising, marketing and protocol advising and communications advising. Beside the managerial and organization responsibilities that she has implemented generally in the field of education, Ms. Nikolovska Krsteska has been professionally involved in numerous trainings and workshops for improving communication skills and developing skills for creative writing and non-formal online trainings for English for technical and creative writing. 

The most recent trainings where she gave part of her creative energy as a trainer are ‘Secure EU youth’, “Move In the Next European Youth Strategy”, to name a few. Her 10-year professional experience has shaped her into a fully efficient, responsible and work-passionate communication and creative writing trainer, youth and student advisor and formal and non-formal education instructor.

“I love working with people. Interacting with young individuals from different life spheres, listening to their inspiring stories, watching their journeys and getting a glimpse of their potential, ignites my passion. 
Since the very beginning of my work life, I knew that I wanted to do more for them, and more importantly, do more with them. Enjoying good music and travelling as often as possible are the two activities that help me to stay motivated and flow effortlessly through life” – explained Martina

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