Mila Feneva – Youth Exchange in Portugal

They say the journey is more important than the destination. With this experience, we can gladly say that. This was my first experience with Erasmus and it definitely was worth the risks, an experience of a lifetime. Every moment by itself was special. From this project, which took place in Olhao in Portugal the most I broadened my horizons in the part of the experience by itself in many fields like finding myself, entrepreneurship, different cultures and traditions, psychology and many other workshops. We met many people from Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Lithuania and I really think we had an impact on each other, in a positive way of course. We were able to discuss and discover different traditions, cultures and were able to share ours in the best way possible. We tried different foods and some special recipes that I liked. Coming out of the comfort zone and thinking outside the box is definitely how I can describe this experience, full of expressions, emotions, feelings, passions, ambitions… Overall it was not an ordinary experience, it is something that I would definitely love to do again and I could not recommend it more!

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