Mila Pelikon – Youth Exchange in Romania

It is the first project I participated in, I had no expectations, only fear and excitement. I unknowingly embarked on a journey that will change my life forever. This project blessed me with the most amazing people, a true friendship and moments I will cherish forever. I was taught about respect, acceptance, independence as well as teamwork. The energy, the positive thinking made me want to do more, be more and work towards my dreams. I felt myself letting go, being happy, wanting for more. I went there with thoughts of not being understood, accepted and came back with everything I thought I couldn’t do. This project, the people, the experience and the knowledge that I acquired has me grounded, joyous and clear-minded. Each of us gave a piece, a story, a lesson that I will come back to and remember with a wide smile on my face. Thank you for everything. Be confident, happy, you.

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