Nena Nikolova – Youth Exchange in Portugal

So where do I begin? Thanks to the Youth on board, this was my first time participating in a youth exchange project. The feeling from the beginning was extraordinary. From this project, Age – A Gap in Europe, I gained knowledge in the field of entrepreneurs and employment skills. The project took place in a small city in Portugal, Olhao where besides our team from Macedonia, young people participated from Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. The whole project was well organized with many activities and various games. Through these activities and tasks, we managed to share our experiences with the youth from other countries. Apart from what I’ve learnt, self-awareness and mindfulness, I am also grateful for the friendships that we made, those bonds. With this project, I improved my English skills and gained more confidence. Youth exchanges like this are a good opportunity for young people who want to travel, discover more about other cultures and supplement their knowledge in more detail. So…if you ask me, I would highly recommend it!

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