Nikola Cenov-Diversity Matter, Croatia

Viewpoint Diversity Matters” my third Erasmus+ project I’m very thankful for. The project took place in Orahovica, Croatia and had participants from 8 different countries. I was very fortunate to meet new people and hear about their culture, language and their life overall. The project itself was very well planned and there wasn’t a single moment where I can say that I was bored. Thanks to this project I learned much about the topic and got more aware of myself, how to be more respectful towards others and their opinions on sensitive topics and to find equal grounds in discussions. The people that I met there were just wonderful and I’m definitely going to remember them for the rest of my life. I would like to have a mention with you in order to discuss the specification of the WP2, the e-learning platform. Can we have a meeting next week? Any time after 13 is suitable for me.

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