Nikolija Davitkovska – Erasmus + in Spain

Hola amigos! Let me tell you about the mysterious beauty of la Sagrada Familia, impressive Camp Nou, breathtaking landscapes of Galicia, streets full of life in Madrid, sunsets over the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and unforgettable 10 days spent in Spain.
I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to represent Youth on board and my country on Speak factor training course. This project helped me evolve as an individual, widen my horizons, become more self-confident and open-minded and improve my social and communicating skills. With the support of our amazing trainers, we gained knowledge about the importance of non-verbal communication, body language, active listening, public speaking and much more. I met and connected with truly inspiring people who left a tattoo on my heart with their kindness and uniqueness.
It was hard saying goodbye to the people who became my family during this adventure but easy to say goodbye to the old version of me because this experience changed me in the best way possible.
10 days, 4 flights, Spain conquered, lifelong memories made! I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, apply for Erasmus+ and do something meaningful in your life, trust me, you won’t regret it!

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