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Change is like a life scale. There’s always two sides that you have to choose. But our goal is to look on the positive side. The side where is less “weight”. Less conflicts, bad thoughts, stress moments. The content of that scale, which is an experience of many dialogs with different endings. I had the opportunity to analyze it on a project that was held in the cold but beautiful Poland. The experience to share your habits, thoughts, moments, ideas was priceless.

I had the chance to taste the different flavors that this project has served me. I’ve learnt a lot of things about the conflict and the consequences from it. Thanks to the Erasmus+ program, which makes every contestant feel needed in the society. And on the question ‘Am I ready for the change’ after this experience I’ll replay: “yes I am because I am the change”. With this change we can easily make a better decisions and make every conflict into compromise with rational results.  

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