Noémi Varga -“Branded Leaders – Strong Entities”

On June 2nd, I didn’t just leave for my first Erasmus+ project, but also it was my first time ever travelling by plane. I’ve been to more Balkan countries, and now North Macedonia is on the list, and yet Hungary is near, everything is so different here, the people, the food, the lifestyle. The chance to meet people this close to my country and yet this unalike is something I will value every day in my life.
Shtip was so charming, I felt like in a fantasy land with all the mountains around the town. It had a whole lot of opportunities to get to know each other and the place as well. At the beginning of the project I made notes about my personal mission statement and I feel at the end I achieved my goal, and became a better leader, which I will be able to use and help others around me.

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