Online Workshop for Creative Writing

Are you ready for a new type of educational challenge?

Is it your desire to sharpen your writing skills – whether it be for your job, your school, or your business?

Do you have some time to spare at the start of June?

📌 If you replied yes to all of these questions, then this online workshop on creative writing is ideal for you. Youth On Board is proud to announce our first Online Workshop on Creative Writing. Read the article below to find out more about this workshop and register your spot today. ⬇️

Overview & Purpose

Creative writing is known as a method used to enhance your cognitive skills. As a writer, you are actively using your mind and memory to create texts which are going to enchant your reader. With the help of creative writing, you can easily get through writing tasks at your job or school. If you are a business owner, you can learn how to successfully promote your business online and on social media. Also, this workshop can benefit anyone who is working on writing projects.

The practices that we will show you coupled with respective short writing exercises focused on different topics, will help you sharpen your writing skills and help you write compelling texts. 

This is why your final product will be a blog post on a subject chosen by the majority of participants and published on the Youth On Board website! 

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  1. Bring the subject of creative writing closer to participants
  2. Offer practical advice when it comes to writing
  3. Encourage participants to express themselves in a creative way

Parts of the workshop

1. The basics and purpose of creative writing – presentation and discussion (June 1st)In the first session, we are going to take a look at why we use creative writing, how some effective texts were written in the past, and look at some examples. Also, there will be a discussion with participants about their experience with creative writing and choosing the blog post topics. 

2. How to use language – the “Show, Don’t Tell” method (June 3rd)
In the second session, we are going to discuss the “Show, Don’t Tell” method. Together with some exercises, we are going to look at how to transform sentences from being bland or boring to interesting and full of information. 

3. Final assignment – presentation and correction of submitted blog posts (June 5th)
The last session of this workshop is going to focus on the analysis of the final assignment texts. These are going to be blog posts, posted on our website. Before posting, we are going to review and analyze them together. 

What you need for this workshop

  • Your computer and a good internet connection 💻
  • Some positive energy and learning enthusiasm ⚡
  • Completed registration on this form: CLICK ME 📑

Who can participate
Participation is for youth workers and youth leaders interested in sharpening their writing skills through constructive presentations, discussions, and exercises. Participants should be above the age of 14.


Each participant in this workshop is going to receive a digital certificate for completing the workshop. To complete the workshop, every participant needs to attend all 3 sessions. This means completing exercises, participating in discussions, and also submitting the final task. Additionally, your work is going to be promoted on our social media channels (Facebook Page and Instagram Profile) and website. 


The registration for this workshop is going to be online through the following Google Form:

We’re looking forward to welcoming you! 


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