July 20, 2019

Youth exchange – Ceuta, Spain


Spain, truly, is a country that endears itself to all. Ceuta is a historical extravaganza, mesmerizing beauty, plethora of colorful buildings, beautiful fun-loving people and dark blue sea.  This experience was fulfilled with a great list of playful activities, sea games, scuba diving, kayaking and exploring the amazingly ocean diversity. Our organization was represented by 6 enthusiastic youngsters who had a chance to get in touch with nature, feel the smell of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and taste the Moroccan cuisine.

The highlight of this youth exchange was to increase knowledge about the “Natura 2000 “  program that is founded by EU – network of core breeding and resting sites for rare and threatened species, and some rare natural habitat types which are protected in their own right. In cooperation with the Red Cross from Spain and University of Granada, the participants had special underwater landscapes program followed by interesting lectures and demonstration.

As a final result the  participants from Macedonia, Germany and Spain had a stand in the city center of Ceuta, where they showed the product of the youth exchange: photos of the nature contaminated, the friendly way to do sport in the nature and the DIY products that were prepared that week.

A project to be remembered!

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