Contact making event – Turku, Finland
Contact making event – Turku, Finland


September 2, 2019

During the period between 02-08.09.2019, 2 representatives of our organization, Isidora and Martina, took part in the contact making event held in Turku, Finland.

The objective of the contact making event was to connect NGOs, give representatives a space to share their experiences and good work practices that other organizations can use. As part of the experience, the participants had the opportunity to take part in discussions about Erasmus+, project-management topics.

Youth On Board also participated in an NGO fair which was designed to promote the work and mission of the organizations and give them a better understanding of each other’s work.

Additionally, they had the opportunity to visit 2 youth centers in Turku and also communicate with the people there in order to exchange experiences and useful information.

International networking is extremely important for our organizational productivity and engagement. We are excited to welcome new organizations as a new strategic partners.

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