Net art for tolerance
Net art for tolerance


August 31, 2019

Youth exchange – Paphos, Cyprys


This international youth exchange took place in the beautiful city of Paphos, where 30 youngsters had a chance to promote the awareness of tolerance, equality and  xenophobia.

During the project the youngsters were provided with deeper knowledge about xenophobia, tolerance and minorities. At the same time they analyzed xenophobia and minorities challenges in the participating countries and in the wider context and as a result  they looked for solutions on different levels.

The end result was the creation of a website as well as a Tumblr profile meant to serve as a platform where people who felt the effects of xenophobia can go to find advice from people who have felt the same, and also be a stadium where artists can share their work related to xenophobia, and the problems and the solutions of the everyday struggles that accompany it in their everyday life. The website is called and it displays a variety of art-forms such as painting, music, net art and more.

We were so happy to participate in this project because one of our main goals as an organization is to promote active citizenship of young people, esp. in the field of tolerance, xenophobia and rights of minorities.

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