Petar Cekovski – Democracy in the EU and beyond

Hello. I am Petar Cekovski, participant of the project ”Democracy in EU and Beyond” which took place in Gheorgheni, Romania in January this year. First of all, I would like to say that it was my pleasure to take part in this youth exchange and to get a new experience. The youth exchange was really well organized and everything was great. I actually didn’t have previous knowledge about the topic, but I came back home with a lot of new and useful information.

The daily sessions were very interesting and I wasn’t bored at any time, but this was because it was a way of non-formal education – through games, group assignments, debates, presentations, theatrical performances and so on. In this 9 day exchange, I have learned a lot about the European Union and its advantages and disadvantages, I have learned how things work in it and of course democracy as part of the European Union.

Aside from that, I also met a lot of new people from different countries and of course different mentalities with which I exchanged a lot of opinions and experiences and really made great friendships. Also through cultural nights, we presented our country in the best light with traditional products, customs, songs and dances, but of course, I learned a lot about other cultures and their sights. Once again, I am glad because I participated in this youth exchange and I can only say that Erasmus projects are a great experience that everyone should try.

Thank you Youth on Board !

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