Read the erasmus+ story of our member Iva Hiljadnikova

The Youth on Board organization constantly motivating us, provided us with the oportunity to be better people. The subject of this project was ecology, the most alarming topic in the world today.

Besides discussions, debates and presentations we had the chance to get the real-life experience with the help of actual experts on the subject.

The cooperation with the groups from Spain and Germany made us aware and conscious about how big the problem actually is, and how to act locally and make a global impact.

Sharing a common problem we allowed cultural differences to bring us together.

Thanks to the location of the African continent and Ceuta as a melting pot, we also interacted with the German, Spanish and Moroccan i.e. the Arab culture, language, and lifestyle.

We made lifelong friendships, we were one big family and we managed to wake up a new sense in us to continue to act for a better self, a better environment, and a better world.

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