Sara Stojilkova – YE in Greece

Oh, just another project in a foreign country would probably be your first thought when seeing this. Even I thought the same until I lived through my first Erasmus+ project thanks to Youth on Board. It’s more than a project, it’s an unbelievably worthy experience full of surprises and precious moments that are worth to be remembered. I took part in the ”Youth’s fight for jobs” project in Nea Kalikratia, Greece. I lived through the greek spirit in an unusually visited season of the year when the sea is as calm as an owl and the wind blows as fast as an eagle in his flight. Thanks to Youth on Board I had the chance to meet new people from different countries with different cultures, traditions and opinions. We were wandering through the streets and coastline of Thessaloniki one day and educating ourselves and learning new things the other.Erasmus+ true beauty is shown through every single aspect that makes it more than just a project, it’s a life known experience. Erasmus+ once again proves itself as the organisation that truly allows and encourages us to discover, educate and find ourselves and everyone else.

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