Script Action for Future Earth – Project Report

Local Recycling Companies Collaborate with an Erasmus Plus mobility

Why is the European Union financing mobility programs for our worlds’ youth? The Erasmus Plus program exists for over 35 years. But this project is the one we would like to share with you in particular. Welcome to the youth exchange “Script Action for Future Earth”.

Organized by Fiatalok Egységben Egyesület, the project “Script Action for Future Earth” in collaboration with 9 countries gathered in the city of Budapest between the 9th – 19th of February.

There were a total of 54 participants. Each country was represented by 6 elements. The countries that took part in this mobility were: Hungary, Portugal, Turkey, France, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Tunisia, Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. The project was focused on the environmental pollution that is prevalent in our countries, and what measures are being put into action in order to prevent its aggravation.

Across our 10 days together, through non-formal educational methods. Participants got to know each other, they discussed, created presentations, interviewed and collected types of awareness according to locals’ knowledge regarding environmental pollution and its harms. In order to learn more about our topic. We received at our projects’ location representatives of an umbrella organization also co-funded by the European Union program.

This organization works in different areas of pollution treatments. An area is the purification of wastewater ( & The processes of biological oxidation, nitrification and liquid/solid separation in the wastewater. Processing BIOSOLIDS organic leftovers. This is to recover useable organic products, by this process reduces the volume of processed biosolids by almost 50%. ( They also produce cleaning products. Products non-oil based and that would have no harm towards our health. ( Their beliefs and mission: “What others call garbage is where our intensive work for the health of our planet begins”.

These projects provided us not only with new experiences but also teach us how to grow at a personal, social and cultural level. Connecting with other countries show us that, we all have similar problems. Together we can brainstorm, work together and create better solutions towards those presented issues. As our project reached an end, participants left Budapest full of new knowledge and a heart complete with new friendships all over Europe. Join the Erasmus family, join us in building a better future.


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