Simona Chuchkova – School of Racism: migrants and urban integration- Spain

Simona Chuchkova – School of Racism: migrants and urban integration- Spain 
KA3 project: Move In The Next European Youth Strategy

The participation on this project was truly wonderful, inspirative, creative and  cosmopolitan experience. Friendship, teamwork, motivation, innovation and creativity in completing the project, were only a few of the features that helped this project be а big experience. It helped me gain great knowledge of the Spanish language, tradition and culture. I met friends and made memories that will forever have a special place in my heart. I especially liked the well prepared agenda which helped the completion of this project. During our stay we visited a couple of cities in Spain and met with characteristic architecture with rich history. The communication with the other participants helped us raise awareness for the theme and to take activities which helped us complete the project together.

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