Simona Zlatanovska – YE in Poland

“Your Life – Your Choice” was hosted in Milkow, a small, beautiful village near Karpacz in Poland. The challenge of being in a small village in a cabin with people from all over Europe proved to be the biggest asset to my journey of self-development. That very ambient of rural surroundings pushed the participants to socialize more, build bonds and eventually blossom together into better individuals with healthier mindsets. Aside from the cabin acting as the perfect epicentre for non-formal education and socialization, I personally embarked on a different path of education from any previous project. On this educational path, I am highlighting the opportunities I got to visit different cities in Poland and feel their cultural history, to train my mind for a more active and healthy lifestyle while broadening my circle of people thanks to the project topic and host and plan activities, workshops and energizers further working on my soft skills. Most importantly I got to experience Erasmus, thanks to Youth on Board!

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