Stefan Gjorgiev – Protect Yourself

Words cannot describe what a life-changing experiences Erasmus exchanges are. They are all so very different, and so very unique, that one can hardly believe they are parts of the same whole.

This project was no exception. “Protect yourself“ was a beautifully orchestrated project that took place in Milkow, in the mountains of southwest Poland, about two hours from Wroclaw. The location was breathtaking. We were situated in a villa surrounded by lush dense forest that provided the freshest of winter air once could imagine.

The organizers have made sure that each one of us had rooms that were spacious and properly heated, making it a very cozy experience. We had sessions that were run by facilitators that had experience and knowledge and were very good at making the atmosphere energetic and fun to be in. Our team spent 9 days with the most amazing participants from Romania, Turkey, Poland, and Spain.

All and all, 32 people living, breathing and working under the same roof. Even though sometimes I find it hard to get involved with new people, this time that was not the case. Everyone was friendly and open-minded and eager to work together to make our goals a reality. I would highly recommend going on Erasmus + exchanges because it is really amazing what you can learn about others, but also yourself!

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