Stefan Trajkov – YE in Slovenia

I don’t know how to start this. Let’s say it like this I was planning to go on exchange for erasmus+ a long time ago but I started to study at university and I didn’t have a single second to enjoy my life. I saw the post about this exchange and I was like that’s it I am going there. I was soo happy that I was picked by my team and I am soo thankful for that.
For me, this was soo good and awesome. I am thankful for the people I met there. The topic was mental health, let’s say that I learned more about that even though I already know a lot about it. I met a lot of new friends there and some of them became really close to me.
Every day I was learning a lot about the themes burning, about the mind.
The exchange was in Murska Sobota/Slovenia this place was soo aesthetic we lived for 9 days in a castle. There was a horse ranch and I was drinking my coffee every day there. After the exchange, we went to Croatia/Zagreb to visit the place let’s say it was lit for me.
Even there we were with two girls from the Spanish team.
In one sentence “The good times are short,
Shout out to Youth on Board for this wonderful opportunity and thank you a lot. I am for sure going to other exchanges because you are the best.

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