Take a Risk by Maria Christodoulou

Have you ever wondered which was the experience or the person that changed your life? When this happens you will understand it.

Looking back to my life there are many moments and experiences worth remembering, but only one changed my life and my way of thinking.

Everything started 2 years ago when I became a volunteer in an NGO and I learned about Erasmus+ projects. They informed me that there was a call for Greek participants for a Training Course that would take place in Slovakia and the Title was “Take a risk”. I applied and they selected me. During the training course, we would have 2 days of hiking in the snowy mountains and we would sleep in the woods. I was so excited! As time passed by, I was preparing for this new experience. I was only worried about my English.

One day before our departure to Slovakia guess what happened! I had a panic attack and I didn’t want to go. I was worried about the idea of the “unknown”. How it would be living 10 days away from your home, with foreign people and talking in English?

You won’t believe how the story ends. Of course, I went to Slovakia and it was the best experience of my life. I met amazing people and I created really strong friendships. The trainers of the project were amazing too. They were so inspiring and so motivational to me. I will never forget a discussion that I had with Berat, one of the trainers, that he motivated me so much. I think he is my guardian angel.

But wait, there is more! When I came back from Slovakia, and I was trying to adjust to reality again, I received a message. The organization that Berat was working for, in Bodrum, organized a short -term EVS project for 1 month and they had a cancellation of a participant 3 days before the project start. They suggested to me to replace the participant and of course I accepted. This was the quickest decision I have ever take in my life. I started looking for tickets because 2 days after I had to travel to Bodrum for 1 month.

This month in Bodrum was the best month of my life and the project in Slovakia still remains the best memory so far. It was my first project and the best. Since then I have participated in many projects and my life has totally changed. I am not afraid anymore, and I grab every chance. I have met amazing people from different countries in the world and I have lived amazing moments.

Recently I read a quote that said “Erasmus is the beginning of the rest of your life”. So true! I strongly recommend to all of you that are reading this, to live the experience of Erasmus+ projects. Grab every chance and fill your life with adventures. 

Don’t be afraid of anything in your life, take the risk!

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