Tamara Méng – “Branded Leaders – Strong Entities”.

It’s storytelling time!🌟✨️💡
Tamara Méng was one of the Hungarian🇭🇺 participants in the youth exchange “Branded Leaders – Strong Entities” and she had an amazing time with her new friends in Shtip🇲🇰.
“This was my fourth Erasmus+ project. I have been to a lot of countries but this one was different from all of them. We travelled here by plane on 02.06. Our trip was really long so it was amazing that we could get some rest but also meet everyone here. Throughout the project, I learned a lot about leadership and made new friends. We walked around Shtip and they showed us a lot of cool coffee shops and pubs. We hung out every night and we had a lot of fun. I really liked Shtip because it is a smaller town but has a lot of cool and beautiful places. I loved how wonderful the mountains and the landscape were. The organizers were amazing and helpful. This one week was an awesome experience and I’m thankful for it”.🤍💡
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