Tanja Milososka – Youth in rural developement

In the period from 31.8 to 7.9 I had a chance to attend the training course “Youth in rural development” which took place in the village of Agros in Cyprus.This was my first experience with the organization “Youth on board” as well as my first ERASMUS+ experience.The goal of this exchange was to get more young people introduced to the topic of the project,to gain more knowledge about it and exchange different experiences and practices in the countries of the other participants.This was made possible through various activities such as presentations,multiple disscusions and working in teams in order to expand our knowledge.

We managed to give an answer or even multiple answers to the many questions and problems related to the topic of this course which was aimed at the participation of the youth in rural development.All of this was was realized through educative visits of the family businesses in that area as well as a discussion with the minister of agriculture.This training course alongside it’s educative character also had a fun side.That side was being able to make new friendships.We tasted different foods,listened to unique music and see different cultures at the intercultural night.Without a doubt our knowledge is expanded in every aspect and the goal of this project is successful.I am proud to say that I attended an event in which young people from different countries discussed on various topics,became friends and gained new experiences.

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