Tea Nikolova- Youth Exchange in Portugal

Thanks to Youth on board, this was my second time exploring the world together with other young people. This project, AGE – A Gap in Europe gave me knowledge on the field that I, as a young person, need the most employment skills. During the 7 days we were in the small town of Portugal, Olhão, I and the other participants from Portugal, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Cyprus upgraded our knowledge through joint activities. The whole organization had all planned very well, following the proper COVID-19 protocols. It was very weird and satisfying at the same time to be part of something like this after 2 years of being locked. I left this project, feeling more ready for job interviews and as a fourth-year student that was very important for me. Apart from what I learned, the things I am most grateful for the friendships that were made there and the opportunity to witness the beauty of the countries we visited on our little journey. Projects like this are very good opportunities for young people to travel the world and learn new things apart from formal education.

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