Isidora Janeva

Isidora Janeva

Isidora Janeva is a student and an ambitious trainer to-be, with teaching experience working with children, teenagers and young adults. As an enthusiastic learner, she has been taking part in the fields of communication since 2013 as a public speaker at the Ohrid Choir Festival and successful radio show host while being a high school student. Isidora’s professional background consists of work dedicated to others.

From tutoring languages to hosting events and festivals and doing photography at Erasmus connected events, her primary focus is always to learn the most out of a situation and hopefully, inspire people around her to be the best versions of themselves.

As a social media manager, it is Isidora’s job to connect youngsters with Youth On Board, with the goal of empowering them to take a step further in their personal futures, to invest in quality non-formal education and open up to new opportunities.

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