Pane Stefanov

Pane Stefanov

Mr. Pane Stefanov holds BA in Gastronomy, nutrition and food.

During his studies he conducted internships and practical work in indifferent companies and institutions.

While his practical work as assistant chef he starts showing an interest in food decoration and carving. Shortly after he decide to apply for a professional carving course “Carving profi- figurative carving” 2014 Austria and he successfully achieved the course.


 After he continued working and become a fruit and vegetable carving trainer, he successfully completes his first training course with more than 20 participants.

One of his passion is traveling and meeting new people that’s why he become actively involved in the NGO sector and participant in the Erasmus+ program. In 2019 he was appointed as Communication and visibility officer on Youth on Board organization where he is working on projects and his role is to be responsible for supporting strategies that increase project visibility on international, regional or local level as well to ensure of the implementation of the project communication plan.

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