Teodora Karakamcheva – YE in Hungary

The best ten days since the beginning of this year started on February 9 – youth exchange in Budapest. Since this was my first youth exchange, I was both very excited and curious about what was going on there. With the start of the first day of the project, I immediately adapted to the new intercultural environment. I met new wonderful smiling people, which radiate positively.
The days passed very quickly. Every day was different. Every day was a mixture of different activities and wonderful friendships. As the main activities, I will single out: energizer, team-building, presentation of geographic ecological problems, poster design, storytelling and many others.
The name of the project was “Script Action for Future Earth”. We as young people through our creat have learned to improve environmental awareness and empathy, to inform about the reasons
and historical figures of pollution and to support problem-solving and project development.
The evening was for our free activities. We had the opportunity to visit the most important places. Budapest is a beau$ful city with breathtaking architecture. There is a special beauty in both days and nighttime.
Lastly, this was a wonderful new experience for me, I met new friends and new different cultures, and of course, I would love to go on a youth exchange again.

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