The 2nd scientific conference for CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES-PROGRAM ended successfully!

Our founder Kiril Jordanov was a project coordinator of the project “Extracting Green-COVID effects for generating clean technologies and successful youth transition awareness for the climate change and sustainable development of the Western Balkan countries“, organized by the WBAA and the Goce Delcev University in Shtip. This was the second edition of this project which ended with 33 poster presentations and 33 abstracts.
Since this was a hybrid event, more than 100 participants had the chance to be a part of this conference and hear the new trends on this topic.

Relevant partners through their representatives took part in the project:
– Faculty of Agriculture, “Goce Delcev” University, Shtip, Republic of North Macedonia
– Faculty of natural and technical sciences, “Goce Delcev” University, Shtip, Republic of North Macedonia
– Department of Chemistry-University of Pristina, Pristina, Kosovo
– Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosna and Hercegovina
– Department of chemistry, Faculty of science and mathematics, University of Nis, Serbia,
– The University of Tirana, Department of Chemistry, Tirana, Albania,
– The State University of Tetovo, Republic of North Macedonia,
– Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural sciences and mathematics, University Ss. Kiril and Metodius, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia,
– Research centre for environment and materials, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts,

The main purpose of the project was to gather youngsters, students, researchers, scientists, experts, and professors where they can discuss and propose new methods for environmental protection and sustainability. During the project, professors and experts trained and motivationally educated students and youth from 5 Western Balkan countries. Training sessions and practise workshops were organized titled “ONE for ALL, all for the green environment”. The main purpose of the conference meeting was to generate a sustainable tool for distributing the GREEN ideas for ZERO pollution. Moreover, this project contributed to upgrading the existing study programs in the area of Environment and introducing new multidisciplinary study programs for Environmental protection and climate change at the Universities from Western Balkan countries.

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