The Girl by Mehmet Akgönül

It was the first day of high school, I knew I should be excited but I was not excited. I’ve never had a problem with connecting to people before. I am good with words and I have a natural ability to adapt. I thought it was an ordinary school day, until the boy standing in front of me passed out while waiting in line. As I was trying to figure out what happened, a teacher touched my shoulder and sent me to take a bottle of water. When I returned, I noticed that everybody went to their class, so I went to my class too. After giving the bottle to the boy, I realized that everyone except me had a deskmate in the classroom. And then it hit me… Sitting alone on the first day of school was not a good start to adapt. After the boring and frustrating first lesson, we entered the second lesson and I had already started hating high school. I started to sleep in the middle of the lesson when there was a knock on the door. A girl with golden hair and blue eyes as the ocean entered the classroom. It seemed too excited for someone who was acting so irresponsibly late for the first day of high school. After scanning the class with her eyes, she sat down in the last empty desk. As soon as she sat down she turned to me and started talking. The first sentence was this: “I am very light-skinned, I get red like a lobster when I exposed to the sun too much.”

As she spoke, her voice sounded like a magical lyre to my ear. When she said she was allergic to pollen because her eyes were blue, my energy was rising in every note from her lyre. By the end of the second lesson, I knew her whole life story. I was like a sunflower and that girl was the sun. My head turned to her involuntarily every time she spoke. She had body folds that even Venus would be jealous of, but what attracted me was not her beauty. When she finally looked at my face, she realized that I was also blue-eyed. And “Your eyes are also beautiful, but mine is more beautiful. Also don’t argue with me, this issue is not controversial.” she said. I laughed like I never laughed in my life. And I realized that I met the woman who would change my life. But here’s the big secret…  How would I know that she would change my life with her death? But first I want to talk about the effect of the four months I spent with her on my life. Her happiness was contagious, her optimism was contagious, and there was no one better than her to motivate someone. But the biggest thing she added to my life was determination. She taught me not to regret anything. If she wasn’t such a happy and energetic person, I would have believed she was an existentialist novel character. She taught me to be stubborn when I followed my passions and dreams. She found my flaws and built the “new me” like an architect. Amazing, isn’t it? But there’s a catch… The happiness and energy she has infested me have disappeared from life with her. While everyone was living, her family and I were just surviving. You see my point, right? Living and surviving are different concepts. As time flowed like water, I thought that all the things she did for me meant something. Suffering and questioning life contradicted her teaching. And instead of focusing on how bad her loss was, I focused on how precious it was for that girl to touch my life. There hasn’t been a day that I don’t remember her, even after years. And I have been rewarded many times for her contribution to my character. This was the story of the person who influenced my life. I’d love to know your thoughts… But the bottom line is this: 

Never be afraid of the sun, though. Because sometimes what you go for is worth getting all red – just like a lobster.


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