Todor Marjanovikj – Erasmus + at the Caribbean

October 10th, boarding my flight from Paris to Guadalupe, the feeling is finally sinking in, I am going to the Caribbean! As a youth worker, I have been on a few projects and this past year have had the most life-changing Erasmus experiences. But even they don’t compare to Erasmus in the Caribbean. A fresh set of faces, a fascinating topic and a tropical paradise made the perfect combination for an unforgettable time. Complex simulations on the inner workings of the European commission mixed with practical workshops and creative and innovative activities pushed me into flying home a better, more educated individual. Aside from the creative and energetic Erasmus agenda I also had the chance to meet and get to know Guadeloupe, one of, if not the most beautiful project location. Experiencing the island lifestyle of living in hand-made Bungalows, walking barefoot to the beautiful ocean through a jungle with vines grasping at your every move left such an impact on my mentality that I want that to be my everyday. Now, more than ever, Erasmus is my passion and Youth on Board is my way to realizing that passion through work and creativity!

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