Todor Marjanovikj

Todor Marjanovikj

Todor Marjanovikj is a student of finance in economics in the University “Goce Delcev” and youth work has been one of his passions since 2018.
Todor started his journey in the world of non-formal education with his first Erasmus+ exchange that lit a passionate fire for self-development through bursting out of the comfort zone and dealing with new challenges. He embarked on the path of education through non-formal methods and set a goal of becoming a youth worker. Тhrough his involvement in Youth on Board, love and understanding of the English language and wish for integration in the non-formal sector he managed to climb the imaginary ladder of success. Organizing dozens of workshops, events and activities on a local level he gained experience in being a trainer for young people and learned the necessary skills to control a room, get a certain point across and be a friendly face at the same time. 

While working with other youth, Todor developed his soft skills and became a bigger part of the Youth on Board team as an official youth worker. With this, Todor also started to get involved in the process of conceptualizing, writing and realizing projects that carried European values and the European message. His experience brought him in front of a room of young people with him as the trainer. He clearly understood the needs that young people have, the fields in which they lack and the ways that they could better themselves through self-assessment and looking back on his journey.Todor also got the title of project assistant through his work with the projects of Youth on Board and he became a key part in their work.

In addition to his experience with non-formal education, Todor was interested in economics and he did not let his youth work stop him in pursuing an education in the world of economy and finance. Getting a formal education in the field of finance and economics was one of the goals he had set for himself and enrolling in the University “Goce Delcev” in Shtip was a decision which led to voluntary work in the University and in the organization.

Todor’s passions center around providing non-formal education to other youth, travelling the world and experiencing different cultures mixed with the beauty of meeting new people and sharing stories. Тhrough his determination and persistence he has managed to gain experience as a participant, leader, trainer, writer, project assistant and is walking the route towards coordinating various projects. Enjoying life through the prism of travel, education and experience enriches one’s life and fills it with joy and love.

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