Tomche Sarafimov – YE in Greece

Erasmus is the best experience. It can change your life completely or should I say turn it around for 180⁰.
This project was like rehabilitation to me. I’m thankful to Youth on Board for making this experience a reality and helping me open some new doors in this world. Apart from taking some actions and sharing ideas about Digital Transformation and digitalisation in today’s world, I had the chance to build new friendships, share and exchange a lot of opinions and ideas, learning about other cultures and the view that other people have on this world. Youth on Board offers this opportunity and an experience of a lifetime to every young and ambitious teenager, at this age this is the best life lesson you can have. Sharing love, emotions, smiles and positive vibes while building all the friendships is the best possible way of building yourself as a better person, all brought to us by Erasmus.
Digital Transformation.
Living abroad, studying something different or in a different way is something you will never forget. The pleasure of Erasmus doesn’t begin when you start your Erasmus, it starts earlier, on the very day you get notified of the fact that you were accepted for the programme.

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