Verda Arslan-“Branded Leaders – Strong Entities”

Firstly I have to say that I was very excited to be in a different culture and with a lot of exciting, interesting, respected and kind guys. İt was the first time I have been on such a project and hope this is not the last time because I felt myself learning new things and feeling the sense of being young as the group. Our group leader and the local members helped us a lot.
İn terms of leadership with the help of the professor we improved our views while enjoying ourselves. It was also an enjoyable experience to know or Maybe to learn or realize the other nations’ points of view. So I am very happy to be here with the Macedonians, Hungarians, and Serbians. And I must also add being in Sthip is very good because we had a chance to be closer to our nation. Our culture and type of meals are so similar.
İt was really amazing. İ felt lucky to be here with you and with the others.

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