Viki Stoilkova – Fake News VS Youth Work

From 21.10-27.10.2019,the “Youth on Board“ organization allowed me to take part of the training course
named “Fake News VS Youth Work“ which was held in Zebrzydowice,Poland. The goal of the project was to learn more about the fake
news and how much actually they are part of our daily lives.Through many discussion,various activities and teamwork we had an opportunity to get to know the tools and the ways of combating the spread of fake news. We performed an experiment to raise the awareness of the youth and also to encourage that every news they get,needs to be checked. Beside the educational part,the stayment in Poland gave us an amazing opportunity to meet up with the cultural and historical sites of the country,also to make new friendships
with people from different countries and to learn more about their culture. For me this was a huge experience,fulfilled with beautiful
memories and life-long lessons.

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