YE in Shtip

We are happy to announce that we are intensively working on our upcoming youth exchange that will be held in May and June in Shtip. 💡🎉The YE will bring 24 youngsters from North Macedonia🇲🇰, Croatia🇭🇷, Romania🇷🇴, Turkey🇹🇷 and Portugal🇵🇹.
The overall goal of the exchange is to strengthen the capacities of young people through appropriate skills and methods for digitalization and e-advocacy. 💻📂👩‍💻👨‍💻With this, they will be active in social processes and will gain a sense of national and European affiliation. Through this project, young people will become creators of social processes and their future thus reducing the number of young people who emigrate due to dissatisfaction.
Stay tuned since more information about the exchange and how you can participate are coming soon.🎉
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