YOB award ceremony

Last Saturday we had our second “YOB award ceremony” for 2021 achievements. Although we had other plans for this event, we managed to organize a small ceremony where we recall all great events and moments for 2021. Our members prepared presentations from their favourite Erasmus + project and shared with us photos and video materials. The youngsters are at the core of our organization and the foundation of our work. Their energy and positive vibration helped us create a bigger impact in society and on people’s lives. We absolutely could not have done it without you!🤍

This year the Creative station team had the honour to select the youngsters who received a special certificate of appreciation for their achievements within the organization for 2021! This year we had five categories:

➡️The most active member – Mario Pleshkov;

➡️The most creative member – Ana Jovanova;

➡️The most fulfilling member – Despina Trajkova;

➡️The most creative mind – Makrina Jordanova

➡️The most active online member – Martin Dimitrov;

Congrats to all of our awarded members, and we are looking forward to better achievements next year! It was a pleasure working with all of you!🤍💡

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