Youth Evening Talks

Youth Evening Talks

Youth Evening Talks is the first project collaboration between Youth on Board and The Next Gen Heroes Podcast, hosted by Isi who is the founder of

The initiative aims to provide youth with a platform where young people get the possibility to discuss whatever topic they want. Additionally, we would like to empower young people to exercise their universal rights and fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of opinion and expression. Our members will have a chance to explore media literacy with their own voice and contribute to the creation of new knowledge, to foster a sense of responsibility in creating and consuming media, approaching learning through experience and community involvement.

We will discuss urgent issues and challenges that youth are facing today like:

  • How to prevent student bullying at schools and how do we tackle that difficult topic?
  • How can the attempts of suicides be prevented? What the warning signs? Do depression and drugs lead the students towards suicidal attempts? Is today’s youth more at risk than the youth was 20 years ago? Does Social Media have an impact on youth and if yes, is it positive or negative? 
  • How are the economic recession and unemployment responsible for preparing a student to lead a life of poverty? Does financial education matter? Do we have enough financial education in our schools? What additional coping methods are needed for the physical and mental health of the youth?
  • Is the local youth informed enough about these topics, or is self-care considered a “selfish” or “taboo” thing to do? How is today’s youth affected by obesity? Does obesity carry negative effects on the lifestyle of an individual? What should be done to tackle this obesity-epidemic and how to we bring closer physical activity to today’s young people?
  • What are your thoughts on the effect of online life? This includes online media, social media, online learning etc. Do you think that we can completely get rid of “in-person” activities, and if yes, should we embark on that path? What do you think will happen, if people are completely taken out of social environments? Can that have a detrimental effect on a person’s mental health and also their ability to form social bonds?

The way we talk about young people now will shape whether response policies and restoration packages reflect the needs, concerns, and voices of the next generation. We need to get this right now in order to boost—rather than destroy-our chances of sensible and science-informed approaches to early learning, education, and youth development.

The team:

Isidora – Podcatser

Dejana – Youth representative

Sanja – Youth worker

The talks will be in English and the episodes will be posted on the YOB youtube channel, SM and on becomingisi’s Youtube and SM channels. 

If you have any idea for topic or if you want to be directly involved in this initiative contact us at

Youth Evening Talks
Youth Evening Talks

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