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1 month ago

We are happy to share that the Digital Citizenship – Youth training was successfully completed last week in Shtip. 16 participants from N.Macedonia, Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey embarked on their new journey of digital citizenship and created their first ideas for social changes.

During the first day, we heard their personal stories and stories from their local community using the art of storytelling. We have also presented the YLA platform and the importance of having a digital place where they can find like-minded people and initiate campaigns for change.

On the second day, we welcomed journalists from the University Radio (UGD-FM). They taught the youngsters about key points for better public expression, identifying goals and audiences, through selecting the right platform and digital skills.

As a part of this journey, we brought our participants to the University Radio and TV at the Goce Delcev University in Shtip. They had a chance to see how the University Radio is supporting the students, inspiring listeners, and building a loyal community.

During the third day, our future change shapers also worked on their digital stories, tackling different topics and issues. Their stories will soon be shared on our web portals.

We wish our participants all the luck in the future story-making!


* This activity is organized as a part of the “Youth-Led Activism Project” financed and supported by the Erasmus + program and The National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility in North Macedonia.

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