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Working with youth on Board is a pleasure and daily we receive requests for an invitation to events which are organized and promoted by many significant institutions. We are proud of our work because after every successfully implemented project we can compare participants’ progress and success, not only in the implementation of the project but in their personal life. We are working for making the world a better place and cooperation with us is required only if you are having similar interests in working for quality, not quantity.

Change is the only constant.” That is the rule by which young people are living their lives, embracing and instigating change in their personal lives, local communities and on a further global level. The youth of today has the opportunity to work with us and be challenged to seek change which will eventually lead to a new understanding of a certain topic and to newly gained knowledge. Everyone starts small – that’s why with the help of our organization, young people have the opportunity to work on engaging topics, open their minds and promote change on a more local level. All these activities will provide them with the skills they need to take this battle to a global level – which is what we want to achieve.

Every future cooperation You want to establish with us can provide you with positive feedback. All you have to do is to fill out an application form with your generals and describe your interests and the reason you want to be part of The Board. After reviewing the form, you will be informed about our decision, and as soon as you got the reply, you will be included in our next project. Stay positive, motivated and young in your soul always. The road to success is always under construction, and you should start building it now!

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The way to change the world, or at least your world, is to dare to be different. When you dare to be different, you step out of the mold, and you make space for your creative twists. When you dare to be different, sometimes you stand alone. But alone is where your unique creative contribution can thrive. What great leaders, great artists, and inspiring minds, do.

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