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Who Are We?

Founded in 2018, Youth on board is a youth-driven non-profit organization based in the University town of Shtip, North Macedonia, striving to promote youth development and empowerment through philanthropy. Run by youths, for youths, we plan and execute events to show the impact one can make in the community while encouraging the act of giving back.

We believe in the power of education to transform young people’s lives, families and communities for the better.

We promote best practice in youth development by giving young people and people working with young people advice, training and resources. Our organization develops and promotes Active Youth Citizenship. This is young people using knowledge, skills and experience to participate confidently in their communities.

Our focus It’s also about young people being involved and having a say in decisions that affect them, their family, their community and their country and putting into practice and reviewing those decisions.

Mission Statement

  • Our Mission is to prepare and inspire the new generation of global youth for constructive engagement and empowerment for a sustainable future in the service of humanity through collaborative partnership, educational & cultural exchange, advocacy, and volunteerism in an atmosphere of tolerance, shared values, cooperation and mutual understanding;
  • Prepare and develop global youth to appreciate and imbibe the values of honesty, creativity, innovation, hard work, service and appreciation of the environment;
  • Develop collaborative partnership programs with other organizations and non-governmental organizations for the central purpose of harnessing efforts in building the youth for constructive involvement and leadership.
  • Provide a leadership platform to spread change among the global youth

Our Values—What We Believe

Meet Us

Here are all the friendly faces that make up your Youth on Board team. Our team has a wide variety of skills and experience that helps shape all our work. Together, we are working to offer youth and our partner communities the best possible programs.
"Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant."
That’s why our team is dedicated to providing you with the best experiences, that help you achieve a brighter future.

Our Trainers

Top instructors around the world teach millions of students on Youth On Board. We provide the tools & skills to teach what you love.

Frosina Polazarevska

Marija Vasilevska

Kristijan Panev

Violeta Stefanova

Biljana Balabanova

Monika Markovska

Tamara J. Apasieva

Svetlana Jakimovska


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Dare to be different.

The way to change the world, or at least your world, is to dare to be different. When you dare to be different, you step out of the mold, and you make space for your creative twists. When you dare to be different, sometimes you stand alone. But alone is where your unique creative contribution can thrive. What great leaders, great artists, and inspiring minds, do.

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Dare to be different.

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