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#jobshadowing in Stip with our Tunisian partner!


#jobshadowing in Stip with our Tunisian partner!




2 weeks ago

Youth on Board hosted the first #jobshadowing in   Stip through the #LYCIS project with our Tunisian partner!  
 We were honoured to host Nora from Tunisia in her captivating journey of job shadowing and cultural immersion! Over the past three days, Nora has delved into the heart of our city, exploring its rich history, vibrant art scene, and the endless opportunities that are there for our youth.   
 The first day was reserved for meeting the team, getting familiar with the agenda and analyzing the recreational opportunities for youth in Stip, while going to various nature parks and our path along the river.    
 For the second day, Nora together with our volunteers explored the city and delved into the youth sports opportunities it offers. She visited our stadiums and assessed the needs.    
On the third day, she explored the cultural, musical and art scene in Stip, visiting the theatre, singing in the Musical School and exploring various cultural landmarks.    
 Nora’s mission goes beyond sightseeing. She’s diving into the fabric of our society, researching the opportunities available to our young people, from local youth councils to recreational, sports, and artistic avenues. She’s been a part of YOB, explored our schools, and even ventured into our university and library.   

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