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Local Youth Councils at International Scale


Local Youth Councils at International Scale




3 weeks ago

The project consortium for the “Local Youth Councils at International Scale” project is proud to share the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on youth participation and local youth councils!
The MOOC is on the quality of local youth councils. It is meant for stakeholders connected to the framework of local youth councils (young people who are part of the structures or want to become a part, youth workers, and local decision-makers). It is open to everyone worldwide! 
Through participating in the MOOC, you will gain sufficient skills in understanding youth participating, raising youth participating, actively engaging, understanding the structure and quality of local youth councils, all while going at your own pace.
Be the change in your community and invest in yourself. Learn about local youth councils and youth participation. Take part in the MOOC and register through the link below!

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