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YLA platform presentation


YLA platform presentation




1 month ago

👋Hey youngsters and supporters,
Here are some updates about our YLA project👩‍💻👨‍💻.
🎉Yesterday we visited the high school SABA where we presented the platform and explained the idea behind it. This platform is also exercising youth’s citizenship muscles, putting into place habits of civic engagement that are more likely to continue into adulthood.
➡️Pay a visit and share with us your ideas:
And finally, as a society, we are better off if people of all ages are contributing to making our society a more just one. We know from the business world that teams that are more diverse perform better. Having youth actively engaged in civic activity and social justice movements opens us up to see and address issues from angles that adults may be blind to.📣🎉
See you soon in June for our upcoming training!

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